J.LaGoy Design


J. LaGoy Design has been  around since 1984 providing some of the finest hand painted lampshades  and lighting that can be found. 

We specialize in Western and Monterey shades. Some of our examples can  be found in the Monterey book. 

We also specialize in reproducing old Monterey shades as well as many  other early designs.

We do both wholesale and retail. We make every shade to order, by preparing  the shade for stain, cutting, hand painting, and wrapping. We also do  custom orders. Our shades are maintanace free.

During our time in the shade business we have been in several magazines  and books including " InStyle," "Better Homes and Gardens,"  "Cowboys and Indians," "Architectural Digest," "Whole  Cowboy Catalog," "Western Style," "Tucson Life Style,"  "Country Living," and "Liz's Antique Hardwares"  Catalog. Some of the books are "Way Out West," "The Monterey  Furniture Book," and the new "Catalina Island Pottery Book"  by Carol Coates. We have been in many movies, including "Mermaids"  and "Pontiac Moon."












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